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B.OK Engineering High Quality Plastic Mold Manufacturer Compete with oneself through continuous learning and self-development

B.OK Engineering  High Quality Plastic Mold Manufacturer Compete with oneself through continuous learning and self-development
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With 7 years of work for this high quality plastic mold manufacturer, B.OK Engineering Co. Ltd. has worked with devotion, effort and determination by the new age leader Mr. Kanapot Ongma Managing Director who says that “the biggest rival” is ourselves. Therefore, we must win ourselves by continuing our work with devotion and determination “in order to improve our knowledge and ability all the time.”

One of the results from such determination is that B.OK Engineering has become one of the plastic mold manufacturers for Thai Koito Co. Ltd., which is Thailand’s major manufacturer of auto parts and accessories, for over 6 years continuously and with other works along the way.

Full-Service Operation

Excellent Parts, Competitive Price, On-Time Delivery

Mr. Kanapot says that B.OK Engineering Co. Ltd. was established in 2012 as a plastic mold manufacturer and now has over 7 years of working experience. It is recognized by Japan’s leading companies in auto parts and electrical accessories. B.OK Engineering offers full-service operation and can manufacture complex plastic molds using modern machines, from designing to molding. The final product is precise and of high quality. The product is also tested and it is delivered on time with reasonable price. There is aftersales service for customers as well.

The main products and services of the company include manufacturing small to large plastic molds (up to 850 tons) and we can modify/repair mold and other machining works such as EDM/CNC Machining Parts and Graphic Machining Parts.

“We began with 2 workers, me and another employee, with 2 CNC Machining Centers. We learned and developed continuously and now there are 26 workers. We have expanded our manufacturing capability with another plant, B.OK-2 (Machine Finishing Mold Base) which is located nearby to deal with Mold Base.”

Mr. Kanapot adds that B.OK has set 3 targets. The first target is to make the sales grow by 20%. The second target is to develop the human resources so that they can have multitasking skills or more than 1 type of knowledge and ability or more than their current work in order to make it more flexible for the organization and beneficial for the employees themselves. The third target is to develop the quality of the products and services which is based on the concept of “ Excellent Parts, Competitive Price, On-Time Delivery”

WELE  creates opportunities to increase customer base and manufacturing capacity continuously

B.OK Engineering  High Quality Plastic Mold Manufacturer Compete with oneself through continuous learning and self-development

Mr. Kanapot says that at the moment the company has earned trust among customers and worked on various kinds of jobs with more complexity. The heart of plastic mold is that we have to compete against time but we must maintain the quality. We need to develop technology with high precision and reduce the manufacturing process to meet the demands of our customers. Currently we have 4 WELE machines by ONI Intertrade Co. Ltd., which is authorized reseller. These are 2 WELE CNC AA 1680 machines and 2 WELE RB212 machines.

All the time we use WELE machinery and we are confident in its quality and its capability to reduce the manufacturing process. Therefore, we gain more customers and more manufacturing capacity continuously. The outstanding function of WELE CNC AA1680 which is the model we ordered first is that the milling speed is 2 times when compared to our previous machine. The surface is smooth and beautiful, reducing the polishing time and the mold fitting step. Therefore, it is quicker to get the final product. The outstanding feature of WELE CNC RB212 is that it can expand the manufacturing capacity of B.OK Engineering which increases from 550 tons to 850 tons. This machine is the perfect solution to our work.

Mr. Kanapot adds that another impressive feature of WELE machinery is the spindle because both models contain an innovative spindle by WELE. It is special because other brands do not manufacture their own spindle but they just assemble it. Moreover, the standards of spindle by WELE are high as it is made of brass; hence, no leakage. Other brands still use ordinary hoses and when they are heated, humid or broken, there will be leakage. Overall, the spindle by WELE is strong and this prolongs the machine life.

“We do not see ourselves as successful because we still need to work with devotion and determination by improving our knowledge and ability continuously, that is, by competing against ourselves. One way for development is when we have a chance from our customers, we will do our best. Even though we have not worked on such task or that job is complicated, we will face the problems, listen to feedback, opinions, suggestions and complaints from our customers in order to change, improve and develop our operation. This is important and we always do this. We are also ready to continue doing this to give the maximum benefit to our customers.” Mr. Kanapot concludes.

B.OK Engineering  High Quality Plastic Mold Manufacturer Compete with oneself through continuous learning and self-development

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