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FLOW: March 300 The advanced Flow Technology

วอเตอร์เจ็ท FLOW: March 300 ผู้นําระดับโลกและผู้คิดค้นเทคโนโลยีวอเตอร์เจ็ท Flow
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As the world leader and inventor of waterjet, Flow is the only supplier that researches, designs and manufactures the entire waterjet system.  This unique blend of industry-leading waterjet capability and customer commitment allows Flow to deliver an unparalleled waterjet solution.  The Mach 300 brings a new kind of ROI to the Waterjet world.  All-in-one steel construction creates a robust foundation for cutting performance.  Advanced Flow technology ensures you get a high-caliber waterjet with the right amount of cutting power for your business.

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