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Walter: เม็ดมีด Turning มีอายุการใช้งานมากขึ้นถึง 50%

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Tiger tec Gold is the name of Walter’s current most efficient premium cutting tool materials, no matter which machining method the tools are used for. The Tiger tec Gold range for turning is an entirely new development and the only thing it has in common with the milling tools is that they are Walter’s most efficient tools.

The technological platforms always include the latest coating technology combined with an optimised post-treatment process and a specific indicator layer, which is currently gold.

The new grade offers a 50% longer tool life compared to the Tigertec Silver tools. To achieve this, Walter significantly improved the flank face wear, the crater resistance and the toughness.

The coating is a conventional CVD coating consisting of titanium carbon nitride (TiCN) and aluminium oxide (Al2O3). A special feature is that, in addition to the Al2O3, the TiCN is now highly textured too. This means that the aluminium oxide and titanium carbon nitride crystals are all aligned in the same direction in their respective lattice structures. This distinct columnar structure has greatly increased the resistance to flank face and crater wear.

Jörg Drobniewski (right), Head of Cutting Tool Material Development, and Gerd Kußmaul, Senior Product Manager for Turning, Walter.

We have also given the TiCN a multi-layered structure for the first time. To do so, we incorporated three interruptions into the last third of the titanium carbon nitride, creating a multi-layered structure. Due to this unique feature, we can now observe a certain damping effect. Ultimately, this has improved the resistance to cracks and the toughness properties. In addition, the multi-layered structure also helps improve the residual stress characteristics. This is why we have applied for a patent for this innovative new TiCN structure.

To sum it up, we have significantly improved the wear resistance due to the texture and the toughness due to the multi-layered structure of the titanium carbon nitride.

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