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THAIMACH moves forward towards Industry 4.0

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Article by: MEGA Tech

From a 3-year contract to 14 years at Hexagon

Thaimach Sales & Service had been Hexagon’s largest dealer in Thailand since 1994. In 2006, Hexagon decided to establish itself in Thailand and it came as no surprise that Mr. Taveesak Srisuntisuk was invited to become Managing Director on a 3-year contract. It has since been 14 years and Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, under Mr. Taveesak’s leadership, saw an average growth of 16% per year across the entirety of his tenure.

“For the first 3 years, I was responsible only for Thailand as per the initial contract. After that, I was given increased responsibility over countries within Southeast Asia including Vietnam, Myanmar, the Philippines, as well as Pakistan. All of these countries are still under the supervision of Thailand to this day except for Vietnam which was established in 2018 but still remained under my care,” Mr. Taveesak said. He further added that “For the past 2 years, I was responsible for the whole of AEC including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, as well as Australia and New Zealand in the Asia Pacific”. 

Furthermore, Hexagon Thailand has a Portable Arm Calibration Center which was opened in 2018 and aimed to provide calibration services and support for customers both within and outside of Thailand. In 2019, the Laser Tracker Calibration Center was also opened which to this day remains the only one of its kind in Southeast Asia. The Calibration Center provides quick and convenient support to customers as well as delivers cost savings for the company. In addition, the Center provides highly accurate calibration with the standards of temperature control and environmental factors as well as the quality tools according to Laser calibration standard.

Time for Thaimach to grow sustainably in the 4.0 era

“Ever since I took on the role of Managing Director at Hexagon Thailand, Thaimach was left on its own for 14 years. Although I took care of Hexagon as my own business, it is time to come back and put my heart and soul into nurturing the company which I consider to be one of my children”. Mr. Taveesak said upon his return to Thaimach.

Thaimach Sales & Services is one of the dealers of Hexagon in Thailand. It is also the dealer of Hurco CNC Machining Centers and Turning Centers, Jagura Grinding Machines, Baty Profile Projector, DMG Mori CNC Machine Tools for all cutting-machining. The Thaimach showroom, displaying Hurco and Jagura products, is located on Bangna-Trad Road, Km 16, Samutprakarn. It is where interested customers can visit and take a close look at the products before deciding to purchase.  Thaimach also organises year-round events for hands-on training and workshops which are held together with our business partners.

Mr. Taveesak concludes that “Thaimach Sales & Services has been in business for 26 years. Our core value has always been the honesty we have to our customers.  We sell only the high quality products and we hope that this mutual trust is continued for many years to come. I will strengthen in the areas which we are lacking and enhance our portfolio to provide a complete range of smart manufacturing solutions for industry 4.0. Even though I am retired at Hexagon, I am still having fun with what I do. I hope to bring the experience which I gained from managing in this region to the benefit of the Thai industry. I wish to continue developing and growing Thaimach. Because for Thaimach, I am never retired”.       

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