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The unapparelled accuracy in metrology systems – A transformative milestone in the IIoT industrial development to thrive and sustain

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Industrial metrology during the 4.0 era is enormously important to production, since it is a primary factor for industrial development. Because effective and accurate measurements directly affect the value and quality of goods, including production costs, high-precision metrology and leaping advances in real-time monitoring technology are important keys for truly enhancing competitiveness in the IIoT era.

MEGA Tech’s end-of-year edition toward the end of Covid in 2022 would like to take this special occasion to interview 6 executives who possess expertise in measurement instruments during Industrial 4.0, namely, Mr. Yunood Salamad, President of DigiGate Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Mr. Kacha Panyaroj, Country Manager of Hexagon Metrology (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Mr. Annop Jirojjaturonn, Director of JSR Group, Mr. Rungsimon Sompornnimitkul, Managing Director of Precision Tooling Service Co., Ltd., Mr. Ekachai Sripanyanuch, Managing Director TBTS (Thailand) Co., Ltd., and Ms. Jaturaporn Singha, Sales Manager of Thaimach Sales & Service Co., Ltd.

Smart QC & QA system can analyze insights quickly and accurately. It will help maximize production efficiency.

Accurate quality control process the heart of creating a competitive advantage in the IIoT

In the present, IoT industry is entering the 4.0 era; it cannot be denied that IoT technology will be playing a highly important role, especially in the industries where quick and accurate analysis on manufacture is heavily relied on. The satisfaction of various aspects in management of measurement values or quality control system of workpiece and different dimensions is highly required. Designing intelligent systems that assemble different workpieces together, including manufacture processes, quality control system, and metrology processes, which is the integration of modern automatic systems, promotion of manufactures, and consideration of all factors on an objective basis, has come to an importance in the industry 4.0.

GOM Scan 1 is its possession of high accuracy with compact size & easy to use

In the IoT industry, the products of DigiGate Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd meet the needs of automotive industry the most in terms of quality inspection; reverse engineering is also as necessary. In regard to the industry going to enter 4.0 era, GOM Scan 1 machine, an IoT technology, is a three-dimensional scanning machine that has a technological combination of ZEISS and GOM. This modernizes the 3D scanner, where its distinction covers the highly accurate measurement of 6 million points per scan using a LED-Blue Light Technology. This is appropriate for reverse engineering and quality inspection of industrial workpieces. The unique feature of GOM Scan 1 is its possession of high accuracy and resolution due to the LED-Blue Light Technology. This makes the machine suitable to be used for all industries requiring workpiece measurement, scanning different dimensions of workpiece in a shorter period of time than contact type measurement. Its another advantage is that it is capable of scanning different types of surfaces quickly. An additional unique feature of GOM Scan 1 concerns its compactness, convenience, high agility, and having GOM Inspect Software which aids in designing and measuring dimensions precisely.

The service excellence empowers our customers to thrive sustainably.      

“DigiGate Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd, a dealer which provides after sales service for modern machines on measurement and quality control, is experienced and specialized in consultancy, advisory, and is always ready to satisfy the customers’ needs in accordance with the company’s policies. Our success is not only measured by the number of product sales achieved, but also primarily take customers’ satisfaction into account, which makes us excel in after sales service. We perform checks on the measurement machines on a regular basis; we also hold meetings and trainings between customers and international manufacturers of measurement machines annually to truly acknowledge and meet the customers’ needs. In regard to the industry entering the era of IoT Technology 4.0.” Mr. Yunood concluded remarks to build confidence for the reader

Industrial IoT device monitoring enables manufacturers to deploy IoT and analytics applications in a very cost-effective way

Accurate quality control process the heart of creating a competitive advantage in the IIoT

Industrial IoT device monitoring enables manufacturers to deploy IoT and analytics applications in a very cost-effective way. The solution delivers fast payback by preventing unplanned downtime and associated revenue losses. For example, Hexagon’s Asset Management software solution for industrial IoT device monitoring enables you to monitor the performance, availability, and health of your manufacturing assets through the SFx platform. A reliable and effective IoT asset performance monitoring solution is critical in keeping equipment connected, secure, and at operating its fullest potential. Hexagon’s Asset Management solution connects relevant systems and processes to maximize equipment effectiveness. IoT monitoring technology brings direct benefits to the shop floor and also empowers managers to make data-driven decisions, reduce paperwork, identify improvement areas, and better track key performance indicators.

Laser Tracker is clearly suitable for scanning large workpieces

For example, Hexagon’s Laser Tracker AT960 can be equipped with a robot to perform automatic scanning. For now, we have a new technology that allows scanners to connect to laser trackers wirelessly. This technology is WRLT (Wireless Real-Time Link). This allows for innovative new inspection concepts, including the mounting of either or both the tracker and scanner on AMR systems for a truly autonomous inspection solution. The AS1 scanner can scan every work surface by relying on its latest technology, also known as SHINE (Systematic High-Intelligence Noise Elimination), and the 16-micron accuracy of the scanner head. When used to work together with the AT960 laser tracker, it can scan workpieces up to a range of 80 meters while retaining a high level of precision and speed. This is because of the AT960 processes at the rate of 1,000 Hz. Because AT960 is clearly suitable for scanning large workpieces, our customers are from the automotive, aviation, and oil and gas industries.             

The service excellence empowers our customers to thrive sustainably.

               We have a post-sale service team composed of over 12 people to serve customers in Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, and Pakistan. Our service team is expert in one-stop service, covering installation, calibration, maintenance, and usage training in machinery and programs, and every member has been trained by an international factory. Last but not least, we can also serve our customers via an online system to offer speed of service for customers with urgent needs and customers located in remote places. In addition, Hexagon has Calibration Center which is located at House No. 41/6, Block A5, Soi Phuncharoen Bangna-Trad Road, Km. 16.5, Bang Chalong Sub-district, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan Province, to support the first Laser Tracker services in Asia, and support Portable Arm services. Mr. Kacha ending with a determined look in the eye.

Transforming innovations that meet quality inspection speed and precision requirements into highly effective standardized inspection solutions

Accurate quality control process the heart of creating a competitive advantage in the IIoT

When talking about quality inspection systems for industrial factories, you can view them as a main process to which priority must be given. This is because quality inspection systems are used to control production output to ensure conformity to standards and also because they indicate process effectiveness. They are particularly important for industries in the IioT era because today’s competition is intense in terms of effectiveness and quality, all of which occurred due to technologies developing in leaps and bounds. Quality inspections today have to also develop to keep up with changes, especially when it comes to “precision and speed”, for this JSR Group gives importance to both of these issues by increasing our potential through transforming innovations that meet quality inspection speed and precision requirements into highly effective standardized inspection solutions.

MiSTAR 555 Most precise with Highly Environment-resistant CMM

               In terms of products that JSR Group has in order to meet today’s requirements, we direct our focus toward future processes. By this, we mean that entrepreneurs’ investments have to be worthwhile and readily support IioT that is developing in full swing, e.g., in inspection designs capable of measuring multiple parameters in a single process or choosing products that can function in environments under constraints.

               As an example, we would like to present the MIStar555 3D CMM from Mitutoyo. It is another innovation designed for work in production lines through development of systems to replace the existing temperature-sensitive work environments in order to obtain accurate values. In this area, devices have been developed to provide assistance in terms of temperature or to increase measurement sensitivity effectiveness in order to meet speed requirements, which are a major trend of today’s industries.

               The Mitutoyo MiSTAR 555 CNC CMM combines in-line and near-line precision measurements with easy usability, unprecedented versatility and a space-saving design to measure almost anywhere for anyone. Designed for use on any size shop floor, the MiSTAR delivers the toughest shop floor operating condition capabilities with the widest temperature accuracy guarantee along with best-in-class drive speed and acceleration without sacrificing accuracy. The MiSTAR features a single support moving bridge and a storage cabinet for all machine controllers under the measuring table to save installation space. This has reduced the footprint to about 70% compared with that of the conventional moving bridge model.

The service excellence empowers our customers to thrive sustainably.

“One key point message that JSR Group has always communicated is that we are not only product suppliers. Rather, we help solve problems by using our technologies and innovations, and JSR Group has prepared personnel to support completed solutions work. These are answers that can create confidence in customers who use our products and services, so they can know that our work teams are ready and are made up of experts in each product category, that all of our experts are competent and ready to solve problems right away.” Mr. Annop concluded remarks for readers to be confident in JSR Group

End-to-end process metrology data capture is invaluable for improvement of manufacturing processes. It allows to predict, identify process errors before they happen

Accurate quality control process the heart of creating a competitive advantage in the IIoT

End-to-end process metrology data capture is invaluable for the insight, analysis, and improvement of manufacturing processes. It allows manufacturers to predict, identify and correct process errors before they happen. Digitalization of end-to-end manufacturing processes increases operational efficiency, reduces reliance on skills, improves ease of use and enhances decision making for process improvements.

               Our Renishaw products play an important role in a wide range of industries including Manufacture of aircraft, automobiles, motorcycles, household electronic equipment and many other industrial products And these products are trusted. Used by major manufacturers both in Thailand and other countries around the world

Equator gauging system reduces the time to measure and confirm the workpiece when leaving the machine in the shop floor immediately

Renishaw Equator เป็นเครื่องgauging system ที่ช่วยลดเวลาในการ วัดและคอนเฟิร์มชิ้นงานเมื่อออกจากเครื่องจักร ใน Shop floor ได้ทันทีโดยไม่ต้อง รอคิววัดงานในเครื่อง cmm ที่อยู่ในห้อง QC โดยซอฟต์แวร์สามารถ intergrade ได้เข้ากับ Robot และเครื่องจักร CNC ในการทำงานแบบ automation ค่าที่วัดได้สามารถลิงค์กลับ Report เพื่อทำ การแยกงานดีและงานเสียได้อย่างแม่นยำ 100%
ในกรณีที่ลูกค้ามีงานหลายโมเดลตัวซอฟแต์แวร์ของ Renishaw Equator สามารถสร้างโปรแกรมแต่ละตัวเก็บไว้ ใน database และเปลี่ยนแค่ตัว Stylus กับ Clamping Fixture ที่เป็นระบบโมดูล่า ทำให้ประหยัดค่าใช้จ่ายไม่ต้องเปลี่ยน fixtures ทั้งชุด เมื่อมีการเปลี่ยนโมเดลใหม่

Renishaw Equator is a gauging system that reduces the time to measure and confirm the workpiece when leaving the machine in the shop floor immediately without having to wait for the queue to measure the work in the CMM machine in the QC room. The software can intergrade with the robot and CNC machines in the automation work. The measured value can be linked back to the report to

               In the event that the customer has many models, the software of the Renishaw Equator can create each program stored in the database and change only the Stylus and Clamping Fixture that is a modular system. Making it save money without having to change the whole fixtures when changing a new model.

The service excellence empowers our customers to thrive sustainably.

               “PTSC We have technical engineers who can install whether you buy directly from Renishaw or through various distribution channels. We have highly skilled engineers in Thailand and abroad such as Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong that are ready to support all aspects of system installation and commissioning.

               In terms of preventive maintenance, we offers different levels of preventive maintenance plans. whether sold as a one-time purchase or covered as part of a support agreement Our protection plans can include partial or complete overhaul of Renishaw products at specified intervals. which fits your own maintenance schedule” Mr. Rungsimun concluded to confirm the readiness to give to reader

Measurement data in digital platforms, all departments can analyze data in precise, speed, and accuracy in everywhere

Accurate quality control process the heart of creating a competitive advantage in the IIoT

Measurement and quality control processes are highly important from the past period until digital era in the present. A number of people have a notion of investing in measurement machines is an unnecessity, as it would not bring value to the company; however, with correct comprehension and appropriate application of the measurement machines, benefits could be brought in great abundance. In addition to resulting in workpieces meeting the quality standards, it could also analyze the problems occurred during various processes appropriately, which includes overcoming the limitations of the capacities of the team, from the process of designing to manufacture and delivery. Due to the measurement data being in the digital plat form, it is accessible to several departments, despite the geographical distance, in order to perform analysis of different aspects in a precise, quick, and accurate manner to achieve maximum efficiency in the production process.

AQROS enables facilitation of scanning processes quickly and precisely

A distinctive feature of Handy Scanner brand AQROS that enables the facilitation of scanning processes quickly and precisely, regardless of the size, can be used to measure from workpieces to MOLD/DIE, which are huge in size, with a form of measurement called ‘Tracker fee Marker Fee’, which is unique from other gauge machines. This reduces the time of preparation, such as the attachment of Marker on every position of workpieces. This also results in decreasing the time of operation, which concerns scanning with Blue laser with a total of 26 lines at a time, thereby increasing the speed up to 1.3 to 2.1 million points per second. Furthermore, the use of Spray on lustered workpieces to reduce reflectiveness would not be required. Due to these features, the scanning machine possesses high suitability in the IOT era.

The service excellence empowers our customers to thrive sustainably.

               TBTS in Thailand has the responsibility to provide support to customers in Thailand and all other countries in the SEA. A characteristic of TBTS that is distinctive from others concerns our Engineering Team, who are all Thai expertise having the knowledge, skills, and experiences as much as Japanese engineers. TBTS in Thailand has the responsibility to provide support to customers in Thailand and all other countries in the SEA. In the present, our team can support customers in installation, aftersales service, calibration, training, and even apply the knowledge of the team into assisting customers. For instance, there is a new workpiece requiring measurement procedures. What would be the appropriate methodology of obtaining the correct and complete results? Additionally, the time to obtain should be fast and performed according to the standards, from the gauge machines to programs analyzing information after measurement procedures, or programs covering Reverse Engineering. Our team in Thailand can assist the customers in all aspects. In addition to the regarded matter, we also pioneered the market in Thailand by introducing automation measurement and In-line measurement. We are confident that customers who experienced the services from TBTS will gain maximum convenience and satisfaction throughout the entire duration of machine usage and service. Mr. Ekkachai concluded the interview with a warm smile.

Accurate quality control process the heart of creating a competitive advantage in the IIoT

IioT Technology plays an essential role in the industry 4.0 era as the quality control system is also the primary key in the industry 4.0 era. If we would like to increase manufacturing efficiency, using a quality control system would be inevitable as it determines the standards, stores information, and processes such information and data entry of manufacture using the IioT Technology, which is highly important. This is especially when using the real-time results evaluation system, where the manufacturing efficiency is increased by up to 100%. Therefore, it can be seen that the quality control system and the IioT Technology are the two crucial elements that cannot be disregarded in the industry 4.0 era.

               To date, increasing the efficiency of products is in demand in manufacturing processes of all industries. This includes cost saving and waste reduction, meaning that the quality control system requires speed and accuracy. The automatic measuring procedures, including automatic measurements in the production line, are essential and now rising in demand. Thaimach, an experienced company of size measurement for 30 years, has recognized the gravity of the issues mentioned. Hence, we would like to introduce a software application that automatically controls the quality using robots (robot/cobot) and 3D scanners.

Nexos 4.0 I software, the latest innovation for full end-to-end automation.

Nexos 4.0, by Eleven Dynamics, suits the quality control system during real-time production. We guarantee that the quality of your products is delivered at the highest level possible. We have a broad spectrum with various brands of high-quality sensors with unparallel precision and accuracy to specifically accommodate design requirements and what the customers need. We design a responding quality control solution that is dimensionally customizable to achieve your automatic measurement requirements optimally. Consequently, we create a tangible sample upon its digital twin designated ideally for you. Then, the measuring procedures are initialized with a single click.  Moreover, Eleven Dynamics is developing additional AI-enabled features capable of assessing and revising failed processes to attain full end-to-end automation truly.        

The service excellence empowers our customers to thrive sustainably.

               Ms. Jaturaporn concluded about the availability of Thaimach services. “As to technical services, our after-sales teams have been involved in customer solutions at the beginning of each project, including the designing and measuring phases. So, our teams have developed insights into the delivered solutions, resulting in our unparalleled technical assistance with relevancy and speed. Our product specialists are available 24/7 for on-site services and equip the keys as needed. Besides, we have access to additional on-call technical specialists worldwide, electronically collaborating with our on-site teams in no time.

               Regarding hardware operability, we work with our trusted partners with reliable products and services available for online and on-site assistance. In addition, our service is to guarantee your manufacturing uptime where our automatic measuring solution is implemented.”

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